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CASTmember Spotlight – Patrick

July 9th, 2015 by Piper Smith

9 things you didn’t know about Patrick:

1: Patrick moved to Key West from New Orleans.

2: His shipwreck character’s name is Bubba.

3: His favorite thing about his character is he is an all around nice guy.

4: His favorite dessert is a chocolate milkshake.

5: His favorite thing about Key West is that it’s a small town.

6: If he could be any animal for a day he would be a dolphin.

7: If he was stuck on an abandoned island and only had one thing available to him it would be water.

8: His favorite season is winter.

9: The most interesting thing he’s learned about the wrecking industry is that the salvagers had to save the lives of the people being wrecked before they could go after the loot aboard.

patrick spotlight