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Mexican Mustang Liniment

December 15th, 2015 by Piper Smith

Around 1852, Dr. A. G. Bragg of St. Louis, Missouri introduced his patent remedy guaranteed to cure all ills ranging from scaltica and rheumatism to screw worms and saddle galls. Dr. Bragg encouraged its use not only by humans, but on horses and livestock as well, promising equally extraordinary recoveries. “Mexican Mustang Liniment.. For Man and Beast!” stated trade cards advertising the elixir. The liniment, like many potions of the day, was a mixture of inert ingredients with little or no therapeutic value. Described in advertisements as “Oil from the burning mountains of Mexico”, the makers of Mexican Mustang Liniment capitalized on the belief that petroleum or “rock oil”, had curative and medicinal properties0 long before it came into popular usage as a lubricant or fuel. Dr. Bragg eventually sold his recipe to the Lyons Manufacturing Company in New York who continued to produce Mexican Mustang Liniment up until the turn of the century.

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