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Pirate Treasure Wasn’t Always Gold

November 5th, 2013 by Piper Smith

Most pirates didn’t bury gold or silver like popular culture would have us believe, their “treasure,” was usually stolen food, water, rum, clothing, weaponry, and even soap! Items like these were generally either used by the pirates right away or less perishable items were kept for future trading. So there usually wasn’t any reason to bury goods like these. Most victims of the pirate ships would automatically surrender to avoid any conflict and pirates would kill few prisoners. Because if sailors thought that pirates would take no prisoners, then they would fight to the last man… resulting in a costly battle, both in lives and goods.

For instance, Captain Jack Sparrow's treasure wasn't gold, but Davy Jones' heart!

For instance, Captain Jack Sparrow’s treasure wasn’t gold, but Davy Jones’ heart!