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interior shot of the key west shipwreck museum

Relive The Key West Shipwreck!

Photo of Asa Tift at the Key West Shipwreck Museum.
Meet Asa Tift as he turns back the pages of history, greeting you in his fascinating warehouse, surrounded by the booty from the reefs.

Black and white photo of shipwreckers off of Key West.


Relive the life of the wreckers as they fight the storms to save the lives and cargo on the treacherous reefs on the Florida Keys.

Black and white photo of shipwreck in key west.

Listen to their tales of dangerous wrecks and daring recoveries.


Photo of artifacts from key west shipwrecks.

Discover the artifacts from the shipwreck Isaac Allerton. Partially salvaged when she sunk in 1856 and rediscovered in 1985, the Isaac Allerton was the richest shipwreck in Key West’s History.

Photo of carver in key west.


See Key West, as a bustling, boisterous sea town on the frontier of a young America. Our Key West Museum Tours give you a glimpse at 19th century life and the wrecking’s influence on the islands society