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6 Undiscovered Wrecks

July 18th, 2017 by Piper Smith

Is it possible to know of wrecks that have yet to be discovered? How do we track that?

Today, we have GPS technology where locating sinking (and floating) ships is easier to locate. As recent as the early 1900’s Ships have sunk and are yet to be found. Because of currents and drifts in the ocean it is difficult to pinpoint an exact location without the use of today’s technology.

The locations known of these sunken ships is a “guestimation” of their course of travel and where they submerged into the water.

Six wrecks that embody this situation are the Santa Maria 1492), USS Indianapolis (1945), HMS Endeavour (1778), The Griffin (1679), Shackleton’s Endurance (1914), Bonhomme Richard (1779).