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CASTmember Spotlight- Jessie

August 4th, 2015 by Piper Smith

10 things you didn’t know about Jessie:

1. He is from Key West.

2. His character’s name is Carlos Tift- Asa Tift’s cousin and wharf manager.

3. His favorite thing about his character is getting to show the family ties in Key West.

4. His favorite dessert is Key Lime Pie on a stick – dipped in chocolate, of course!

5. His favorite song is Haul Away Joe.

6. His favorite thing about Key West is the rich history and warm weather.

7. If he could be an animal for a day it would be the Queen Conch.

8. If he was stuck on an abandoned island with only one thing available to him he would want it to be water.

9. His favorite season is fall.

10. The most interesting thing he’s learned about wrecking was about the candy bar wreck- 20 tons of candy bars were salvaged from a wrecked ship in 1993. (It shows the tradition of salvaging from back in Key West’s official wrecking days).

jessie spotlight