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Ship in a Bottle

March 21st, 2017 by Piper Smith

A creative past-time that developed in the late 18th century can still be found as a hobby or creative outlet in today’s era.

The first requirement in creating a ship in a bottle is choosing the right bottle.

A preferred bottle has these characteristics:

  • a flat-base shape proper for the ship being built
  • pigment of the bottle that will help depict the ocean

other necessities for successfully building your ship are blocks of timber, cables, and gum.

The timber used for creating the ship must be durable but also easy to whittle into the ships shape.

When the desired shape of the ship is created it is time to begin crafting details such as cables, sails and masts.

After completing these tasks, it is time to insert and position your ship in the bottle.

The cables can be used to maneuver the ship into position and move about the bottle.

When set in position, the cables are pulled to raise the sails, and then are cut as your ship is now complete.

Though this is an incredibly brief  instruction on how this maritime past-time can be created, you can see that it comes with incredible patience, talent and perseverance to develop a successful product.